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Vendor Presentations Policy

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry adopts the following policies regarding faculty and student interactions with representatives of industry.

In these policies, the term "industry" includes pharmaceutical companies; dental device firms; research equipment manufacturers or sellers, and research service providers. The term also includes any other business or nonprofit organization with an economic interest in advocating (or opposing) the use of specific drugs, devices, supplies, dental equipment, dental services or methods of oral health care.

The School of Dentistry recognizes that vendor presentations can provide useful educational and research materials for students, faculty and staff. Presentations can also be a learning experience for students and faculty to evaluate products, devices and services, and learn new techniques. However, there are guidelines for programs presented by persons who have a financial interest in the products or procedures they sell.

  1. Any vendor making a presentation in the School of Dentistry must have an invitation from a faculty member who should first seek the approval of his/her Department Chair. All vendors must sign-in at the School of Dentistry security desk. During security check-in, vendors need to indicate their name, company affiliation and faculty sponsor for each visit.
  2. The presentation must be related to the academic/research missions of the school, and should not simply be a format for introducing a product to prospective users.
  3. Presentations to pre-doctoral, dental hygiene and post-doctoral students should supplement other seminars and should not be used as a substitute for a presentation by qualified faculty.
  4. The faculty member who invites a vendor is responsible for reviewing the product before issuing an invitation. There should be published evidence of clinical efficacy (or other evidence for non-oral health care products) if the product is demonstrated in the school.
  5. If the inviting faculty member is a consultant for the invited company, at least one other competing company must be given equal time for a presentation. Additionally, the faculty member must disclose his financial relationship with the vendor prior to the presentation.
  6. Faculty should teach residents/students to evaluate products and evidence supporting clinical efficacy critically. The school encourages post-seminar discussions, led by the inviting faculty member and others within the department who has expertise. Post-seminar evaluations should address strengths and weaknesses of the products.
  7. Inviting faculty must provide a written request to the Office of Continuing Education/Office of Institutional Advancement for approval 3 weeks prior to the presentation. The request must include supporting documentation stating the educational intent of the presentation and a summary of the initial review and evaluation of the clinical efficacy of the health care product. After receiving approval from the Dean or his designee, the vendor presentation may be scheduled.

Interactions with industry that are prohibited or restricted at the school are also prohibited or restricted at affiliate sites and other off-campus locations.

Student violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action according to Section 2M of the Student Judicial Policy/Code of Conduct.

Faculty in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the University of Maryland Conflict of Interest Policies.

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Reviewed:  August 1, 2016

Updated:  September 1, 2018